Member of the Assembly Angelica Jimenez (D-West New York), whose seat in the legislature may be at risk through maneuvers related to redistribution, said today that it intends to seek another term in 2023.

“I have another year and a half [in this term]and I look forward to continuing to work as a defender of the people and my constituents, ”Jimenez said.

The Jimenez district, which is currently ranked 32nd but changed to 33rd on the new map, for a short time looked so that it could potentially take clash of giants between State Senator Nicholas Saka (D-North Bergen) and State Senator Brian Stack (D-Union City), whose hometowns were brought together.

Saka decided set aside to stack, but the county is likely to undergo a reshuffle. Saka is expected to get a Democrat from North Bergen to take the seat of MP Pedro Mehia (D-Secacus), while Jimenez said she plans to talk to Stack about his thoughts on her place.

“I will turn to [Stack]”she said.” I hope he will take into account that I am a Latin American and that I am the oldest member of the Hudson County Assembly. I hope he takes that into account as well as all the work I have done in my area. and which I will continue to do. ”

If Stack, West New York Mayor Gabe Rodriguez and Wyhoken Mayor Richard Turner try to push Jimenez in favor of another candidate, Jimenez will not say whether she will seek re-election anyway.

As for Mexico City, the deputy said today that he would not comment on the decision-making process of the 33rd constituency, while this process is still ongoing.

Another member of the Assembly who is in potential danger is William Sampson (D-Bayon), a member of the 31st constituency, whose constituency has not changed dramatically, but still faces two points of danger.

First, Kearney was added to his district from the 32nd, and Kearney Mayor Alberto Santos noted he wants to say in determining the representatives of the district; for another, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, who put Sampson in the legislature for starters, the person of tough challenge next month from Bayonne Council President Sharon Ash-Nadrowski.

“I really have no opinion [redistricting]but if we’re going to pick up Kearney, that’s great, ”Sampson said of the changes in his area. “They can get a great view from me, Angela [McKnight]and our ticket manager Sandra Cunningham. ”

The party conventions that will mark the first stage of the 2023 election are still a year away, which means that – unlike previous years of relocating the district – the Hudson County Democrats still have plenty of time to figure out what the constituency ticket will look like next year. But according to MP Raj Mukherjee (Jersey City). almost definite ascent in the state senate, many of the most important battles are underway now, with high stakes for lawmakers like Jimenez, Mechia and Sampson.

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