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Jesse Waters crushed Hillary Clinton against the background of conclusions from Durham probe claiming that lawyers from her company paid for having Trumpservers have infiltrated.

“Hillary hacked the computer server of the presidential candidate – and the computer server of the incumbent president – [in order to spy] on them. There, her hackers planted evidence, fabricated evidence connects Trump with Russia, then passed this fake material to the federal and media. At first, she did it to distract from her own email scandal. ”

Hillary Clinton
(Photo by AP / Matt Rourke, file)

“But then, when Trump defeated her, she used this deception as an excuse to lose. criminal investigation aimed at the resignation of the incumbent president. Hillary Clinton broke the law to expose Trump as a man Russian traitor. The media, the so-called judges of our democracy, went along with the staff work. For years, they supported all the lies that Hillary spat out about Donald Trump. “

Jesse Waters prime time“The host accused Clinton of committing an uprising while weakening liberal media.


Former President Trump

Former President Trump
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“The media failed to force the police of Hillary, a dirty police politician, when she pushed for an uprising. The left likes to honor the memory of January 6 as an attack on our democracy. But if that’s true, then what is it?” Said Water. “Russia’s hoax and Mueller’s three-year investigation have undermined faith in our democracy since January 6.”

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller from the investigation into former President Trump of the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller from the investigation into former President Trump of the Russian Ministry of Justice.
(AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster, file)

“It’s a level of corruption that has never been seen in American history. It’s more brazen than the Watergate break-in. Hillary hackers broke in, planted evidence, and then forced the feds to try to oust the president. Isn’t it time? Now is the time?” Are we watching the end of the Clinton dynasty? “


Because of the alleged actions, Waters said he trusted U.S. higher institutions such as Ministry of Justice and the CIA, were “broken.”

He went on to say that the political consequences Russian investigation had real political implications for Republicans. “Mueller’s investigation loomed in a dark cloud over these interim deadlines, which cost Republicans the House of Representatives.”

“There was Mueller trying to find answers? Or did he cover the tracks of the left? We know the answer. Mueller was a cleaner and he was there to impeach, ”he said.

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