What’s the worst way to end a winning streak?

Chris Panula learned that the hard way on Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy!, when a wrong answer on Final Jeopardy doomed the Ocean City man after 21 wins and $710,865 in total winnings.

Panulala entered the final event with $12,600, a narrow margin over his nearest competitor, San Diego professor Andy Tyrrell, who had $11,900.

A South Jersey man made a big bet on Final Jeopardy, betting $11,201.

But he stumbled on this clue: “A 1609 story in which the exiled king of Bulgaria creates a sea palace with his magic may have inspired the plot of this play.”

Pannulo mistakenly guessed that it was the play “The Little Mermaid”.

Tyrrell correctly recognized the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare. He finished the game with $15,399 in winnings.

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