PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Jason Kells Philadelphia Eagles Center performed his performance of the national anthem before the 76ers game on Monday night.

It was all part of the struggle between Kelse and the former Eagle Conar Barvin, who founded Make the World a Better Foundation..

Kelso has agreed to sing for fans at the Wells Fargo Center if $ 100,000 or more is raised by the end of 2021.

And the boy was taken to Philadelphia and Kelche.

A total of $ 114,001.08 was raised before the deadline.

The Make The World Better Foundation thanked the community for their support Monday night.

“Your generous mood helps continue our work with the community and public places, and we’re excited to share this moment with you. Great projects are starting soon and you’ll enjoy the way you look, Philly,” said the foundation, which helps revitalize many public spaces. all over the city.

Kielce, who was considering retirement, announced last week that he would returns to its 12th season.

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