POTSWILL, Pennsylvania – On Monday, a collision involving 40 cars closed part of Highway № 81 in Pennsylvania, according to the Shuilkill County Emergency Management Agency.

The tractor-trailer crashed into a large dump truck, turning it almost 180 degrees, another large truck blew up black smoke and orange flames, and the SUV crashed into a car, and the sedan spun, almost bypassing its standing driver. on the shoulder of the Pennsylvania highway shrouded in snow and fog.

The images were taken in a video uploaded to social media on Monday. Shuilkill County officials in northeastern Pennsylvania said a snowstorm hit Minersville at about 11 a.m.

In the dramatic the video was posted on Facebook, you can hear the screams of people behind the scenes as a cascade of accidents unfolds with multiple vehicles colliding in less than a minute. The person who posted the video did not immediately respond to requests for additional information.

There are no direct reports of serious injuries.

The National Weather Service warned of “many short strong squalls with very poor visibility”.

“The squalls will quickly reduce visibility to half a mile and cover the roads with snow,” forecasters said, urging drivers to get off the road or turn on the alarm if possible and “gradually slow down to avoid a chain reaction to the accident.”

Mike Colbert, a forecaster with the National Weather Service office at State College, said the weather service had just started issuing snowstorm warnings a few years ago, and the reported congestion was the reason they started doing so. .

“It’s very heavy snowfall, if you drive into it, you can in a few seconds go from a cloudy or sunny sky to an instant blizzard. That’s why they are so dangerous,” he said.

(Pottsville) The Republican-Herald reports that snow conditions have prevented fire engines from climbing Route 901 to reach the scene.

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