NEW YORK – After the brightest night in Hollywood comes the most glamorous morning on television, and the show “Living with Kelly and Ryan” after the Oscars will again show how the hosts will talk to the winners a few minutes after receiving the trophies.

It became an Oscar tradition when Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were at the center of films nominated for the industry’s top prize.

“I hope this work will make people laugh, smile,” said Sickrest. “Obviously we’re going to celebrate the Oscars, and it’s going to be an opportunity for people to laugh at us for what we love.

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The presenters could become like movie stars the next morning after the big broadcast of the Oscars on ABC.

“Ryan is one of the great unsung actors in show business,” Ripa said. “And if he wanted to cut wages by 90-98%, he would be a great actor.”

Their chemistry coincides with their commitment, and the faces of the winners may change, but the result is the same: a chance to share moments of show business history.

“They are the very version of themselves at the time,” Ripa said. “At that point, after they won the Oscars and left the stage, the reality was that they forgot to thank their mom, or agent, or their husband.”

Even if a victory is predictable, like Will Smith, if he takes home the Oscar gold, in fact the victory is still a shock – and it makes a great TV.

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Executive producer Michael Gelman and his staff have only a few hours to prepare.

“We don’t know what we’re going to do until the show goes on the air,” he said.

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