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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba raises alarm over consequences of Russia’s victory in Ukraine on Thursday «Special report».

DMITRY KULEBA: On the one hand, every hour and every day counts, and I have information that tonight Russia will launch more missiles at Ukrainian cities, as in the first hour of its aggression against … Ukraine. On the other hand, yes, we are [are] absolutely committed to continue the struggle as long as we need to win this struggle. We cannot lose the country. It is impossible to imagine such a war happening [the] 21st century.

I am human. Of course, I worry about my life, about the life of my family. But it is true that I am on the list and then one of the targets for the Russians. But if a Ukrainian soldier is fighting these days in the trenches, these hours in the trenches and sacrificing his life, then how can I not be with them, be with the people of Ukraine, do everything possible to [the] diplomatic front to help them succeed? And to succeed, again, sanctions are needed, [the] the toughest possible sanctions and we need more weapons to continue the fight. Because … the number of tanks, armored vehicles, planes, helicopters that Russia threw at Ukraine is impossible to imagine. And we need more spears, we need more systems like Stinger to keep fighting for the world. Because, believe me, the world cannot allow Russia to win in Ukraine. If so, the next day we will wake up in a completely different world.


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