PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Winter weather is not over yet, a snowstorm is moving rapidly across the area from Warminster, Newark and Fairmount Park.

In West Oak Lane at the intersection of 69th Avenue and North 15th Street, a tree limb broke and fell on a power line, causing nearly 600 PECO customers to cut off electricity.

“I was in my apartment and then the lights just went out, so I left the house and went to the store,” said Glen Govan of West Oak Lane.

Govan says this is not the first time a tree has been fed in its vicinity, and it is causing massive inconvenience.

“You can’t cook without electricity, there’s no electricity, and there’s nothing you can do,” Govan said. “You can’t charge your cell phone. Thank God my cell phone was charged. ”

As winter weather continues in the region, experts say it is important for homeowners to keep an eye on the trees around their homes, especially before a straight wind begins in the region.

“When people look at their trees and see a lot of broken limbs on the ground, they want to take a closer look at the trees,” said Jason Gaskill of the Davey Tree Company. “To make sure there are no cracks, uproots, broken limbs or anything else in the trunks. It can be dangerous. “

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