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Hundreds of New Jersey police officers have faced serious discipline in 2021. | Video


Nearly 400 police officers in New Jersey faced serious discipline last year, according to a statement released Thursday by the Attorney General’s Office. The report says officers got into trouble because of things like an officer who posted a video in which a civilian dangerously drives his car and posted it on Instagram, or an officer leaving a loaded gun at a McDonald’s restroom. Nearly three-quarters of those convicted of wrongdoing were not released; instead, they received rejection, demotion, or other penalties, the New Jersey Monitor reported.

The report was published in accordance with the directive of the Prosecutor General’s Office from 2021 in an attempt to bring officers to justice for misconduct and strengthen trust in communities. It comes after two Bridgewater police officers are under serious scrutiny for how they coped with a fight between two teenagers, one white and one black, at the Bridgewater Commons mall. In a note to law enforcement officials on Friday, Acting Attorney General Matt Platkin wrote: “Many have commented on the emergence of different treatment of the two teenagers by officers. I will not comment here on the features of the record. The incident will be investigated, fairly and thoroughly, by the relevant district attorneys in accordance with the strict procedures of my office to investigate possible wrongdoing. ”

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