Thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing to neighboring countries when Russian troops attack the country’s capital a day after the invasion begins.

UN officials reported 25 civilian deaths, mostly from shelling and air strikes, and said 100,000 people were estimated to have fled their homes, with an estimated 4 million fleeing fighting.

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds, UN aid chief Martin Griffiths estimates that more than $ 1 billion will be needed over the next three months, including “food, shelter, health care, water, sanitation and protection.”

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The following is a list of non-profit organizations responding to the crisis in Ukraine. Although all of these organizations are legitimate, and this publication links to their websites, scammers often target generous donors in times of crisis. Be sure to do some research before donating to a case you find online.

People in need provide humanitarian assistance to more than 200,000 people on the ground in Ukraine. The Czech organization will “provide mainly the most basic needs in accordance with the current situation … [like] financial aid, food aid [and] hygiene items ”in the first stage of support, the website reports.

People in need also promised to support countries experiencing an influx of Ukrainian refugees.

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The International Committee of the Red Cross has been present in eastern Ukraine for many years to help those affected by the Russian conflict after the annexation of Crimea, according to its website.

The organization “promises to continue to support families at risk in the region” amid growing concerns about resettlement, mass casualties and destruction.

The American Red Cross, in particular, “sends 30 trained personnel to Europe to support the emergency needs of the US military.”

Safika Zelik, a member of the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, said the organization was in “full crisis mode” to respond to the invasion.

“This is a war that everyone should watch and try to help,” she told ABC News.

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So far, donations have benefited hospitals in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Luhansk, the organization said. posted on his Facebook page.

UNICEF is working to help children and families in Ukraine by meeting their critical needs, such as access to safe water, health care, education and protection, according to its website.

The organization already has 10 mobile child protection groups in the east of the country to provide “psychosocial assistance to children traumatized by chronic insecurity” of the conflict with Russia.

United Help Ukraine accepts and distributes cash donations, food and medicine for displaced Ukrainians. The organization also provides assistance to all those affected by the conflict, as well as the families of wounded and killed soldiers.

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