In August 2015, I wrote: “Following in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid is like watching an old movie about a train wreck … one … frame … at … time.

“You know that the catastrophe of ultra-slow motion is approaching, and that it will again ruin Clinton’s once inevitable coronation.”

Today, this prophetic metaphor of “train crash” has been replaced by “hot water”. Hillary is deep in his neck, and it will scald her hopes for a resurrection in 2024, similar to the Phoenix, from the ashes of history.


Think “Russiagate”, a media report alleging that former President Donald Trump was a secret Russian operative. This was not to be missed, as for several months Russiagate consumed seemingly thousands of inches of New York Times and Washington Post columns (“earning” both Pulitzer), as well as entire prime-time scenarios of MSNBC and CNN.

Jerry Shank

In fact, the conspiracy involved Hillary Clinton, her company, the National Committee of the Democratic Party (DNC) and the FBI.

In a court statement in mid-February, John Durham, Russiagate’s special investigating lawyer, claimed that in 2016 Clinton paid a technology company to hack private Internet servers to collect derogatory information about Donald Trump and then in transition after his election. from the White House’s secret servers after he was sworn in.

Let it come in.

Espionage campaign is serious enough, but espionage for the incumbent president is a different matter altogether. Both make Watergate look trivial – remember people were in jail for Watergate – but the latter is a horrible violation of the law.

The conspiracy began with the “Steele Dossier”, created by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Clinton’s company indirectly paid Steele for digging up the dirt (primarily from other Clinton operatives) and compiled all of Trump’s wild rumors into a “research” document.

Steele turned him over to the FBI, which was unable to verify his material or sources, but nonetheless tracked him down and pulled him out to arouse suspicion of Trump’s candidate. At the same time, thanks to judicial documents issued on the basis of the dossier, the FBI has launched its own “investigation”, listening to and spying on two advisers to Trump’s low-level campaign.

Steele found that the media, which opposes Trump, about Clinton, is trying to promote his garbage. One publication published all the irrelevant dossier.

Three years later, former FBI Director Robert Mueller discredited Steele and acquitted Trump. Now, five years later, John Durham is beginning to describe in detail the complete conspiracy.

In a statement, Durham said that in July 2016 (as yet unnamed) the CTO worked with lawyers at Perkins Coie, a law firm representing both Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to “extract Internet data,” some of which non-public and / or patented ”, and to accumulate or produce“ information ”to support the apparent link between Trump and Russia.

Durham states that they “used this agreement to extract (the president’s executive office) (internet) traffic and other data in order to gather degrading information about Donald Trump.”

In other words, Hillary Clinton, her company and DNC used a technical contractor who worked for the White House to collect and / or fabricate data to discredit Mr. Trump.

Durham’s petition confirmed that his office had received documents from Clinton and DNC that prosecutors could offer materials obtained from both as “evidence in court.”

Her company paid for illegal work, so Hillary Clinton knew about it. DNC chairmen Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazil had to know. Since the FBI was involved, of course, knew then-Director James Comey, former President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden. In fact, Biden’s company in 2020 used the same technology firm.

Dozens of Clinton operatives, Perkins Koy’s lawyers, FBI and technology companies knew. And they all knew – or should have known – that what they bought, did and / or hid was not just very illegal, as soon as Trump took office, it rose to the level of betrayal.

If the victim was a Democrat, the national media would cover it 24/7/365. Instead … crickets, although three lower-level charges have already been filed. Sources predict more as the guilty parties enter into deals to witness the prosecution.

Ironically, Hillary Russiagate’s scheme undermines the “principle” of Democrats in 2020, according to which lost campaigns should simply accept the election results.

Party affiliation does not matter. The President of the United States was watched. One campaign spied on another and influenced government agencies to launch an investigation that spread and obstructed the presidency.

Durham’s allegations are just shouting “crime,” so let the criminal walk begin.

Hillary Clinton cheated in 2016 – and still lost. In the current circumstances, there can be no question of restarting.

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