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Here Hillary refusing to answer questions about whether her presidential campaign was spying on her ex President Donald Trump.

Reporter: Did you pay to spy on Trump’s company? If you are going to comment on the espionage allegations, Hillary? Did you pay to be spied on?

Hillary Clinton.
(REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes)

As you know, there is a legend that lawyers from Hillary in 2016 paid for access to servers owned by Trump Tower. And later the White House to create a story about the involvement of two federal government agencies linking Donald Trump with Russia.

But despite the fact that Hillary did not want to answer these questions, she managed to write on Twitter, saying: “Trump and Fox are desperately spitting out a fake scandal to distract us from his real ones. So this is the day that ends in Y ”.

Former President Donald Trump.  (Photo by Brendan Bell / Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump. (Photo by Brendan Bell / Getty Images)
(Brendan Bell / Getty Images)

Well look, pants, no one needed to spin it. It didn’t come from “Fox & Friends” or Mar-a-Lago, or b ——- Kim Jong Un.

This follows from the investigation of John Durham, so it is not surprising that you ask the media to circle the cars around you, because you have constantly pushed the Russian conspiracy, and now it turns out that you have always been a conspiracy.

So we’re going to get to that. But, first ethanol.

Yes, I as a father make you eat broccoli before you get pudding. Or in the case of Kat, lithium.


Yes, ethanol is known to be made from corn, or as Liz Warren calls it, from corn. And for years it was blended into gasoline for sale at America’s gas stations.

I know the man did what no one wanted you to do. The reason? It was better for the planet. So corn that would normally go to feed millions of people around the globe, or Tyrus for a week, would instead fill your gas tank.

But get it. It now turns out that ethanol is likely to contribute much more to global warming than direct gasoline, according to a new study.

Yes, everything they told us about ethanol and climate was like a Russian conspiracy, Covington, Cavanaugh, the origins of COVID and what is actually in Herald’s mustache.

It’s all BS Yes, it’s another liberal fantasy that evokes the opposite of its goal, such as government spending, poverty eradication, or “The Daily Show,” which causes laughter.

All this is from a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Gas prices.  (AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes)

Gas prices. (AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes)
(Photo by AP / Damian Dovarganes)

This is where I worked before they caught me abusing a glass, and this contradicts previous research that showed that ethanol is a green source of energy.

Now scientists are finding that, like Joe Biden in the pot, ethanol is not a friend of climate.

In fact, it is at least 24 percent more carbon-intensive than gas. Of course, the ethanol trade lobby ruined the study.

And why not? This is a lobby of the ethanol trade, not the Society for Saving Money on Snacks at the gas station, like these amazing sandwiches with toast with cheese and real peanut butter.

Am I the only one? Good. Well, it was a dairy cow for the lobby, and the farmers were getting paid for the corn, whether it worked or not.

So it’s really a green source of energy. Our refineries must contribute about 15 billion gallons of corn-based ethanol to gas supplies each year.

Even for Eric Swalel it’s a lot of gas.

Eric SUOLUL: The president used taxpayer dollars to ask Ukrainians to help them cheat the election.

Look, we have to somehow make ethanol interesting.

But when the policy pretended to reduce emissions, it turned into a giant subsidy for corn growers. And this mandate forced the use of extra acres of land to grow corn, which would otherwise have been used to feed people.


Meanwhile, this field treatment released more carbon from the soil, while nitrogen fertilizers also gave off emissions.

Dear Lord, this is the very research I have been doing since I decided to soundproof my basement love lodge.

I did so much research that I even discovered this long-lost video from the Corn Hall.


Good work, researchers. So what is the moral here? That’s all full of poop, and not even corn.

Especially climate experts, lobbyists and politicians. While you’re struggling to fill your gas tank, they’re filling your bank accounts, forcing us to subsidize such a paltry product as Charlie Sheen’s Guide to Proper Dental Care.

For years we were told to buy this crap, but when we didn’t, we hated farmers.

Although, I confess, I never cared about Mr. Green Jeans, even in 10 years, I didn’t buy it.

Meanwhile, the price of corn has risen for everyone because now our main customers were our gas tanks, not our stomachs. And, like gas tanks, the cost of refueling them has also risen.

We had a good time. We could eat other things. Heck, I supplement my diet with rare acelotes. I’m not rich.

But for poor countries, corn has risen in price. Has anyone been starving? Who knows. There is no Wikipedia page for this. But at least our air here was the best. Except it wasn’t.

So here it is. Like CNN, or Russian conspiracy and Maroon 5 music, ethanol subsidies and politics in general, it’s all rubbish.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s introductory monologue in “Gutfeld!” from February 16, 2022!

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