PHILADELPHIA – George E. Norcross III has opened a new front in the battle of shareholders in the parent company Republic Bank.

An entrepreneur from South Jersey is requesting records of “related party” transactions between Republic First Bancorp Inc. and its directors, officers or shareholders, said in a submission Thursday to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The request also applies to transactions with the “wives, children and business partners” of this group, according to a letter sent by Norcross to a banking firm.

Norcross plans to share the records with other shareholders, “to determine whether the board has properly performed its duties with respect to such transactions,” the February 16 letter said.

The letter also asks for contact information for the bank’s shareholders.

George E. Norcross III demanded records of insider deals as part of a shareholder dispute in the parent firm Republic Bank.

The letter states that Pennsylvania law allows Norcross, a Republic shareholder, to “view books and records” in a banking company.

A group of investors led by Norcross, which owns 9.6 percent of Republic shares, wants changes to boost the value of Republic shares.

Among other measures, he proposed replacing Vernon Hill II as chairman and director general of the Republic. The group has suggested that one of its members, former TD Bank CEO Greg Brack, may take the position of CEO.

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