As New Jersey has to receive billions of dollars in federal infrastructure funding, lawmakers in Trenton are pushing for new transportation projects to be available for people with disabilities.

The state Senate on Thursday was to consider two bipartisan bills, including one (C-147), which will require the State Department of Transportation to develop an accessibility plan each time streets, highways, or transportation projects are developed or maintained.

The legislation provides for plans to “promote the ability of people diagnosed with autism and people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities to travel independently.”

The proposed legislation will require accessibility planning for new transport projects.  The $ 250,000 overhaul, announced last fall at Newark Airport's AirTrain station, came only after years of investigating ADA violations.

The second bill, C-146create a state Bureau of Transport Studies, which will contract with colleges and universities to study the mobility needs of people with “physical, sensory, intellectual and developmental disabilities”.

The event is sponsored by State Senator Patrick J. Dignan Jr., a Democrat from Middlesex County who chairs the House Transport Committee, and Senator Christine M. Karada, a Republican representing parts of Bergen, Pasayk, Maurice and Essex counties.

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