Following the Squirtle tattoo, the singer releases the song “Celestial” from the upcoming Pokémon video games

In a week Lil Nas X connected with League of Legends, Ed Sheeran has turned his love of Pokemon into a new song called “Celestial,” a track written for an upcoming pair of new video games.

“I met the Pokémon people when I was traveling in Japan and we joked that I wrote a song for them,” Sheeran said last week on social media while showing off his new tattoo of the character Squirtle.

The joke, however, turned into actual music and a corresponding music video, which combines Sheeran’s everyday life with occasional forays into the world of Pokemon.

“I’ve been playing Pokémon since elementary school,” Sheeran said Thursday in a statement. “My brother and I had different versions of the games and we traded Pokémon together until we each completed our Pokédex,” Sheeran said in a statement. “I loved cards, but games were something I got lost in. I loved the whole world they created; it distracted me when negative things were happening in my life/school that I wanted to avoid. It was a world I could escape to, and I’ve been playing it ever since.”

“Heavenly” will take part Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violettwo video games coming to Nintendo Switch on November 18th.

Sheeran added: “Even though I’m 31 now, I still have the same Game Boy Color and I’m playing Yellow pokemon or Silver on planes and trains when I’m on tour. It’s an honor to add a song to a Pokemon game, as well as make a nostalgic video.’

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