TRENTON – A little over a month ago, former Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer announced he was considering a run for Mercer County Executive. Surrounded by activists, community leaders and others at the Trenton Social on Monday, Palmer announced his endorsement of Rep. Dan Benson for the same position.

Palmer initially considered running to renew hope for a better future in Trenton.

“I have announced that I am going to run for county executive to use this powerful office to work with Trenton and Mercer County to change that narrative. I believe that a strong, vibrant Trenton makes a strong, vibrant Mercer County.” Palmer said he was met with applause.

So what has changed? According to Palmer, it was Benson’s “commitment and passion.”

After many conversations, Palmer realized that he and Benson wanted to do the same thing, and that was to make Trenton a focal point for the county to effect economic change.

“I believe I am in the best position to work with him as a strong advocate to build hope and opportunity for the people of Trenton and Mercer County,” Palmer said. “Dan Benson embodies a new era of leadership, drive and focus to get the job done. If you were excited to support me, please pass that excitement on to Dan Benson.”

Benson took to the podium to thank Palmer for what he called “not just an endorsement of words, but a commitment to action and partnership for the months and years ahead.”

The Member of Assembly continued by assuring the crowd that he was ready to take on the challenges before him, promising to bring fairness, transparency and responsiveness to the Capital Region if elected as the Executive.

“Trenton voted for change, and Mercer County needs to take a bigger role in working with our mayor and our new county to make those changes happen,” Benson said.

While Benson will officially announce his run for Mercer County Executive on Wednesday, he made another revelation on Monday. Social activist, lobbyist and human rights defender Jeanine Frisby LaRue will join his company as a manager.

LaRue wasted no time assuring everyone that Benson was “the real deal.”

“Now is not the time for weak knees,” LaRue added. “It’s a new day in Mercer County. I have lived in this county for almost 20 years and have had a whisper campaign for about six years. We need change… We are here today to tell you that you will get it.”

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