The Star-Ledger is hiring a new editorial writer and Tom Moran wants to make sure that the job goes to someone who basically sees the world the way he does.

“The editorial team reaches its positions by consensus, so the ability to work in a group and constructively participate in a difficult conversation is the main thing,” — job ad said. “We welcome and benefit from diverse viewpoints, but the author should feel comfortable with the position the board has taken on most issues.”

In other words, disagree enough to enrich Moran, the editor of the editorial page, but not enough to be inconsistent with his views.

Moran wants someone who can “write persuasively” with a “proven ability to write clearly and powerfully.”

Still, it’s clear that the Star-Ledger still, perhaps uniquely, views the editorial page in light of its past, as they put their money into opinion journalism rather than, say, a news reporter.

“Please spread the word,” Moran asked in a social media post. “We’re going to move fast.”

It’s possible that the position is already filled: The Star-Ledger editorial staff position does not appear on Advance Publications website.

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