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In the 90s, Disney turned not only into animated films. Sure, there were some, but the empire, which is Disney, has turned into an even bigger hippopotamus.

Since the beginning of the decade, Disney has sought to add a little more to its theme park experience, and what could be more perfect than jumping on a resort? In 1991, Disney World opened the first Disney Vacation Club resort, which enriched the family experience by putting everyone together. Now guests could get exciting experiences not only in the park itself, but also in the place where they laid their heads at the end of the day.

In 1991, Disney made the most important decision to expand its current capabilities and begin a new, large-scale era in animation. What could be so great, you ask? Only one thing – cooperation with another company Pixar. The first Disney-Pixar movie, Toy storydid not debut until 1995, but it was a signal to the world that Disney is committed to staying relevant in this decade and beyond, and this decision has brought huge rewards for the company, which is keen to stay on top of its game in animation.

Walt Disney Studios also scored in the box office Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992) and The’s a nightmare before Christmas (1993).
Disney also opened a new park in 1992, Euro Disney Resort, near Paris. It was an attempt to capture another part of the world – Europe – which was previously underserved by Disney parks, and only Disney World, Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland were created. It started out as Euro Disney Resort but is now called Disneyland Paris. Although it has had problems and challenges for years, it is the largest Disney property outside the United States and today is an important part of Disney Park’s heritage.

In the 1990s, Disney first took up sports, which they continue to do now as the owner of the popular sports conglomerate ESPN. In 1996, Disney acquired the California Angels baseball team, which appeared in the 1994 film. Angels on the road. The team was already in Anaheim, so Disney decided to rename the team to Anaheim Angels. Disney-owned, the team won its first and only World Series championship in 2002. Disney sold the team in 2003, but continues to keep in touch with it, including statues of Mickey and promotions in its California parks and stadium.

And at the end of the decade, in 1998, Disney expanded its activities in an even more turbulent area – the sea. The magic of Disney, Disney’s first cruise line, sailed from Florida to the Bahamas and brought the bright passengers who awaited every moment of the cruise. There are live shows featuring characters that people know and love from decades of Disney movies, as well as continuous screenings of these movies on big TVs. Even the Disney-style dining room, with characters appearing, and the decor everywhere depicts Mickey Mouse and his wife.

The 90s expanded Disney’s empire in a new way, not just in movies, and helped strengthen the company of the world giant it is today.

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