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Desperate Ukrainian refugees want a faster way to safety, work Video


Desperate Ukrainians want a faster path to security in the United States. “We hope that the Biden administration, because of the seriousness and suddenness of this conflict, will work to expedite the submission of applications for people to come through the refugee program,” said Courtney Madsen of the Church World Service’s resettlement agency. President Biden said the United States would accept 100,000 refugees from the besieged country. That’s not enough, say critics such as Oksana Kondan of the Ukrainian organization Jersey City.

Families who managed to get here on temporary tourist visas need work documents and possibly housing and food assistance, Kondan said. “It is already a trauma that they were forced to take away and leave their country, fearing for their lives. And now they have to fight here to get some commitment from the United States. ” Her group is raising funds to help 10 families who have fled Ukraine.

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