East Harlem, Manhattan (WABC) – Police have arrested a suspect in stabbing, as a result of which a McDonald’s employee was seriously injured in Manhattan, and now the victim is talking about this test.

23-year-old Angel Miguel Salazar was released from the hospital on Tuesday. He is still in great pain, but his heart is full of gratitude.

“I have to be grateful and thank God I’m still alive,” he said.

A young man of faith was working at McDonald’s in East Harlem on March 9, when Fr. the customer started arguing with the staff.

Salazar was in the kitchen and says he rushed forward when he heard a man threatening to kill his colleague.

“That’s when he grabbed a knife and started stabbing me,” Salazar said. “He grabbed me and started making crazy moves.”

Miracle Salazer survived. He was taken to Harlem Hospital after suffering a number of injuries, including a lung puncture.

He was stabbed three times in the back and stabbed twice in the head. His left arm was cut so deeply that he could not clench his fist and needed another operation. There is no guarantee that it will return the full range.

The suspect, 28-year-old Ezekiel Dan-Jennings, was charged with attempted murder, assault and use of a weapon after appearing on Tuesday morning. The 28-year-old claims that he was attacked first and was not harmed.

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The incident began with Dan Jennings allegedly starting to harass and quarrel with staff inside a restaurant on 3rd Avenue and East 117th Street around 12:30 p.m.

It is believed that Dan Jennings had trouble ordering food at the kiosk and approached the counter to talk to the female manager when they started arguing.

Salazar says he used to drive an hour in each direction to work. He says he was just trying to feed his family, and when his colleague was in trouble, he didn’t hesitate to help.

“He tried to hurt the woman. My colleague. That’s when I intervened,” Salazar said.

Despite his suffering, Salazar insists he is not a hero, which emphasizes how humble and courageous he is.

This incident was the second attack on a fast food employee this year.

In January, an employee of Burger King The Byron-Nives crystal was shot just around the corner.

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