PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – On Wednesday, Philadelphia officials announced that the city was moving to a “clear” response level and immediately relinquished its mandate for indoor masks.

A clear level removes mask mandates for specific cities, but federal mask mandates in places such as medical facilities and public transportation remain in place.

Responsibilities for masks in schools and private businesses are also separate from city restrictions.

Officials said that if everything goes in the right direction, the mandatory wearing of the mask in schools will end on March 9. After the spring break, a one-week mask will be applied to avoid an increase in the number of cases after the break.

Last month, Philadelphia public health officials released response levels to COVID that use pandemic indicators to find out when the city’s state mandates will be met.

There are four levels of response: “Everything is clear”, “Only precautions in masks”, “Caution” and “Extreme caution”.

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr Cheryl Betigol said it was clear as soon as the level of positive tests in the city reached below 2% and other figures.

On Wednesday, she said the level of positivity is currently 1.7%.

With the announcement on Wednesday, the city issued the following reminders:

Even when we are in All Clear mode, some high-risk institutions, such as schools (including public, private, archdiocesan, statutory, and preschool), medical facilities, and public transportation, still require people to wear masks.

City buildings will require masks until Monday, March 7th. Starting from this date masks will be optional for visitors and fully vaccinated staff. Unvaccinated employees still have to wear two masks indoors and next to others.

Businesses and other institutions are allowed to require evidence of vaccination or that everyone wears a //resources/notifications.html#

Finally, some people may want extra protection from COVID and will wear masks while they are next to others. There is nothing wrong with that, and these people do not deserve persecution. Some may have a family member who is at high risk, some may be sick and actually protect you, and some may just want to be safe. All of this, and more, are good reasons to continue wearing masks.

Following the city’s announcement, The Wells Fargo Center issued a statement saying they would also stop claiming the mask.

“It’s a day we’ve been waiting for for almost two years, and finally our fans can watch Flyers, 76ers, concerts and more like before at the Wells Fargo Center,” said Valerie Camilla, president of Business Operations. for Wells Fargo Center and Philadelphia Flyers. “Tonight the full moat of Broad Street is officially back and we are more than ready to welcome our fans back to a better environment in all sports and entertainment.”

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