NEW YORK (WABC) – New York is taking another step to move away from the pandemic, and the city is set to abandon several security protocols, including a school mask mandate and vaccination requirements for businesses.

Starting Monday, restaurants in New York City will no longer request evidence of vaccination before entering.

However, other public indoor businesses, such as Broadway, maintain their requirements for masks and vaccines at least until the end of March.

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You will also need to wear a mask on public transport or when seeing a doctor.

Kids at school can now walk without a mask if they choose to go to New York public schools.

Now the level of COVID infection is 1.8%. This is the lowest level since August.

Even at this level, when some mandates are revoked, the city still recommends wearing a mask in public indoors, especially in crowds.

Health Commissioner Dr Dave Chokshi says the restrictions could return if there is another surge.

“At each level, there are clear guidelines as to what precautions New Yorkers should take and what actions you can expect from city officials,” he said. “The highest level of danger or red alarm needs no explanation for those of us who survived the devastating first wave of spring 2020 in New York City. These memories stay in our brains forever. ”

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The health commissioner says that although some mandates will be revoked, the city plans to continue to insist that more New Yorkers get vaccinated.


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