CAMDEN – Cooper University Health Care has announced that it has been recognized by Healthgrades as the winner of the 2022 Patient Safety Excellence Award. This distinction puts Cooper among the top 5% of all short-term ambulance hospitals by Healthgrades, a leading market that connects patients and providers. Cooper has received the Healthgrades Patient Safety Award for four consecutive years (2019-2022) and is the only hospital in South Jersey to receive the award in 2022.

“Everyone at Cooper is extremely proud to be the only hospital in South Jersey to receive the 2022 Healthgrades Patient Safety Award, which ensures that Cooper stands out among its colleagues for its commitment to excellence and safety,” said George E. Norcross III. This was announced today by the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Cooper Health System, Cooper University Hospital and Dr. Anderson Cancer Center in Cooper. “This recognition is a tribute to the incredible work that everyone at Cooper is doing to put patient safety first, as we provide care that is one of the best in the Greater Philadelphia region.”

“Our team is focused on providing the safest level of care, and this achievement – for four years in a row – is a reflection of their skill, compassion and commitment to patient care,” said Anthony J. Mozzarelli, MD, JD. MBE, CEO of Cooper.

Healthgrades found that patients treated in hospitals that received the Healthgrades 2022 Patient Safety Excellence Award ™, on average:

● 55.8 percent less likely to fall in hospital, which resulted in a hip fracture, than patients treated in non-hospital recipients *

● 52.6% less likely to experience lung collapse as a result of a procedure or surgery on or around the chest than patients treated in non-recipient hospitals *

● Bedsores or bedsores obtained in hospital are 66.2 percent less likely to occur than patients treated in non-recipients *

● 65.8% less likely to develop a catheter-related bleeding infection in a hospital than in patients treated in non-recipients *

“It is with great pride that the Cooper team receives another national recognition for clinical excellence. Healthgrades ’assessment of one of the nation’s best hospitals for safe and quality care reflects the dedication and commitment of all Cooper team members,” said Kevin O’Dowd, JD, Cooper’s co-CEO.

“Through our 2022 Patient Safety Excellence Awards, we aim to recognize hospitals that provide excellent, high-quality care to their patients by preventing serious injuries while in hospital,” said Brad Bowman, MD, chief physician and head of data science. , Healthgrades. “We are proud to name Cooper University Hospital the winner of the Patient Safety Award in 2022 and look forward to their further efforts to make patient safety a priority.”

Consumers can visit for more information on how Healthgrades measures hospital quality and access the full methodology here.

* Statistics are calculated using the Healthgrades Patient Safety Ratings methodology and Excellence Award ™, which is based mainly on the AHRQ technical specifications (version 2021.0.1) for MedPAR data from 2018 to 2020 and is a three-year assessment for Medicare patients only.

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