KAMDEN – A former adviser to Woodlin sued the district and two police officers, alleging that his family’s civil rights had been violated by officers using pepper spray in their home.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Clyde Cook and four others, alleges that officers Edgar Feliciano and Javier Acevedo “sprayed pepper all over the house” during the February 2020 incident.

The incident occurred when police answered 911 in a house on the 2300 block of Woodlin Avenue, according to court records.

The excessive force lawsuit alleges that the officers “aimed their revolvers at (Cook), sprayed him (him) in the face and hit (him) against the wall and the ground.”

It claims that three other residents – Timothy Cook, Tracy Cook and Leikish Fontanez – had their faces sprayed.

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The costume also says that Timothy Cook was “hit… against the wall and against the ground.”

Woodlin’s former adviser sued the district and two police officers, alleging a violation of civil rights during the February 2020 incident.

The juvenile, who was in the house, needed medical attention due to the widespread use of pepper spray, the suit said.

It also alleges that the district did not comply with or implement a policy of police conduct “that met minimum industry standards.”

A district attorney and officers have denied the allegations in a court statement.

Among other arguments, the statement said the incident was caused by “the negligence or willful actions of the plaintiffs.” It also alleges that the officers acted “in good faith in compliance with the law.”

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