NEW YORK – This week it’s time for the long-awaited meetings in his hometown on “The Bachelor!” Clayton said he had not yet told any of the women that he loved them, but hoped the meeting would bring him clarity.

A date in Susie’s hometown

Clayton traveled to Virginia to meet Susie and her family. Susie said she would like to know if Clayton liked it when he was strangled. She referred to jiu-jitsu. Susie started training in Japan and continues to enjoy it. He learned a movie called “Shrimp”. Clayton joked that he could not avoid the shrimp after the shrimp gate! Susie then took Clayton on a picnic by the water so she could talk about her family. Susie told Clayton that when her father got sick, she was bitter to think he wouldn’t be around to take her down the hallway once she got married. Clayton said he hopes to live up to her expectations.

That evening, Clayton met Susie’s mother, father, sister and best friend. They seemed extremely warm and welcoming! Susie’s father said he had an MRI, but he expected good results. He assured Susie that he would be there on her wedding day. Her dad shared with Clayton how special Susie was, and joked that he was shocked that someone hadn’t beaten her yet. “You keep her on the line, all you have to do is wind her up,” he said. Her dad also recounted how Susie slept next to his bed and didn’t move away from him when he had one of the hardest days of treatment. Susie’s father also said that if Susie trusts him, then he trusts him. Clayton confessed to her mother that she was guarding her heart, but before he fell in love with her, he would “come.” She told Susie that she was on the right track to be careful because Clayton was not yet in love with her. “Be careful,” Susie’s mom said.

A date in Gabi’s hometown
Clayton moved to Denver, Colorado to meet with Gabi’s family. She took him on a hike in the woods, and she tested his knowledge of how to scare away a bear. She took him to a place called the “stone of suggestion”, where she joked that he needed to bring a ring. It was a colorful and romantic place where Clayton seemed to really love spending time with her. They then went to a random hot tub in the woods. Truly a “bachelor” they sipped champagne and talked about who he would meet. Gabi said the girl’s parents had recently diagnosed her with cancer so they couldn’t go to him because of COVID. He will meet her grandfather, aunt, uncle and cousin. He was annoyed, but obviously understood.

Gabi’s family seemed very nice. Clayton told of their first interaction right out of the limousine, where she brought a pillow with his face and said she wanted to sit on his face. Her grandfather found it hilarious! He said, “Gabriella!” He then pulled Clayton aside to talk and learn more about him. Her grandfather said, “She’s always been a dingbat!” as they spoke of her humor. “You’d better treat her well,” said Gabi’s grandfather. He urged Clayton to take his time and said he would tell Gabby the same thing. Gabi’s aunt, uncle and cousin were so kind and very supportive. They said they were glad they hadn’t rushed to say “I love you” yet, but they felt it was very positive to see Gabi next to Clayton.

A beep sounded from behind the house, and Gabi ran outside, it was her dad! He brought a few placards, as in “Actually Love.” I don’t know why Clayton didn’t go outside to see everything, but they showed he was standing at the door at the end. Clayton was very happy for her, and as soon as he left, they kissed! When they got home, everyone was so happy to see Gabi rejoice and Grandpa too cute. – Ah, baby! he said, kissing Gabby goodbye. Clayton said he sees himself as part of the Gabi family. On the street, at the end of the date, Gabi told Clayton that she had fallen in love with him. “Here it is!” Said Clayton. He added that he could not stop smiling.

Date in Seren’s hometown
Clayton traveled to Oklahoma City to meet with the Seren family. She asked him if he was afraid of heights, and pointed to the adventure course. They had to climb together and go through a really scary rope course. Clayton was very nervous and said, “No, no, no,” almost crying as he walked across part of the track. It was fun because Seren spent this part of the course with no problems and he couldn’t believe it.

He was clearly afraid of heights, and you had to pay tribute to him for this date! The only way down is to jump on the mat 80 feet below. A little crazy, Clayton did it! Jumping up, Seren barely slapped her eyelashes. They seemed to get closer because of this experience, and Seren made sure she told him she fell in love with him again. She told Clayton that he would meet her mother, brother Roland and best friend Melanie. Her parents were not there because they divorced when she was 2 years old.

That evening Clayton met the Seren family, who seemed to be in poker faces. Her brother said he likes that she is happy and open with Clayton, but he is also worried because he knows his sister may be crushed in the end. Roland asked Clayton directly, “Do you love her?” Clayton said, “I haven’t told anyone I love them, I’m not there yet.” Roland didn’t seem to like the answer. Her mom was worried that Seren had said she was in love. Seren also showed her mom a jar of fireflies that Clayton had given her, and her mom also seemed to find it very touching. Her brother added that he talked to his sister on the phone until 3 am because of her heartbeat, and he cried, telling her he was worried. He’s here to fully support, but he’s just worried. Her brother is so cute! When Clayton said goodbye to Seren, she told Clayton that she was “in love” with him. Clayton said again, “I can’t stop smiling now!”

Date in Rachel’s hometown
Clayton’s last stop was Florida on a date with Rachel in her hometown. She tried to catch him in a fun way. They kissed when they talked about how much they missed each other. Poor Rachel, she was losing her voice! Over the course of the date it got worse. They kayaked across the bottom. They had a great time and even jumped into the water to sort it out. Didn’t they say there could be alligators ?! Rachel told Clayton that they would meet with her mom, dad and best friends. She warned him that her dad would be very cruel to him and that he never liked the one she brought home to meet him. To soften the blow, Rachel reminded Clayton that she had fallen in love with him.

Rachel’s mom immediately jumped up and screamed as they walked into the house, but Tony, Rachel’s dad, was all about business. Tony seemed troubled by the whole story of how Rachel and Clayton’s relationship developed. But then, he also wiped away the tears! There’s just a ton of love. Rachel told her friends that Clayton never gave her reason to doubt him. She focuses on their relationship, but admitted she doesn’t know if his relationship with other women has progressed that far.

Tony was asked if he understood Rachel’s dreams. Clayton said he would be willing to move for her so she could achieve her pilot goals. The conversation went as well as possible. He said he couldn’t give Clayton his full blessing until he talked to Rachel, and if he got it, he told him she would pat him on the arm. As soon as Tony heard Rachel in love, he could not refuse his blessing. He stroked Clayton’s arm as they left! “I see a future more than ever with Rachel,” Clayton said.

Rose ceremony
Clayton told Jesse that he falls in love with all women and doesn’t want to hold back his feelings, but knows he has to break someone’s heart.

1) Susie
2) Gabi
3) Rachel

This meant that Serene was eliminated. Clayton took her out and apologized. She asked why, and he said he just decided to have stronger connections with others. She said, “Okay,” got up and sat in the SUV when Clayton thanked her. She was shocked and embarrassed that he could eliminate her after she told him she loved him. She seemed to realize that nothing could change in this, and gave it her all.

Next week
We have two bachelor evenings on Monday and Tuesday next week! Clayton’s fantastic suite of defeat finally happens when he tells three women that he loves them and admits that he slept with two of them. Then on Tuesday it’s “Women Tell Everything”. You know you can expect a lot of drama from Shanae, Elizabeth, Geneva and others.

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