WYNLAND – A Chihuahua found dead in a urine-soaked duffel bag dumped along railroad tracks was lucky to be alive, asylum officials said Monday.

A dog walker discovered a discarded bundle behind Gerresheimer Glass Co., near Crystal Avenue near Park Avenue, on Saturday. His dog began barking and sniffing the tied green bag stuffed with several other bags.

“That was when he noticed the bag was moving and heard something,” said Jessica Morrison of the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. “He took it very quickly and brought it here to us.”

The crew of the North Delsea Drive animal pier cut three bags that contained a female chihuahua.

“She was in a mesh bag and then in a plastic bag,” Morrison said. These two bags were tied in a cloth bag.

The timing of the rescue was critical.

“I don’t know how much more she would have,” Morrison said.

After his release, the dog showed signs of suffering.

“She was shaking, she fell in the first steps,” Morrison said.

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