Former Kinnelon Council President Larry Cash has dropped his Republican nomination to Congress in New Jersey’s 11th arrondissement after losing the congress of the Republican Party of Maurice County in the second ballot March 11, but no one approved.

This leaves the race on four sides for a chance to take with representative Mickey Cheryl (D-Montclair).

“The results of the Morris County Congress were extremely competitive, but in the end we did not achieve our goal,” Cash said. “I am proud of the race we have had, but in the meantime I will put the party first and end my candidacy for Congress.”

County Commissioner Maurice Typhoon Selenium defeated Cash in the second round for the Morris organizational line with 15 votes.

Selenium confronts former Assistant District Attorney Paul DeGruth, U.S. Army veteran Tony Anderson and Ruth McEndra, a farmer and nurse from Randolph.

“I firmly believe that whoever comes out of the primaries on CD-11 has a heavy responsibility to the people of Morris County, and I swear to be at the forefront of the fight to turn this place red and stop the madness,” he said. Cache.

As a member of the State Committee of the Republican Party of Maurice County, Kashi had several options after losing the convention. Maurice’s Republicans first set up an organizational line only last year, and Kasha, an obedient Republican, was expected to support Selena’s support from the organization.

“I express my sincere gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers, donors and supporters who supported my campaign for Congress,” Kasha said. “I would especially like to commend my wife Debra for all the sacrifices she has made, as well as for the love and support she has provided during this process.”

In the first ballot, held on March 4, Selen took first place with 169 votes, but his 34.8% did not reach the 50% needed to win the first ballot. Cash, the Republican State Committee of Maurice County, won second place with just five votes, 118 against 113, against Anderson, DeGrut, who was seen as a possible contender for the second round, received 65 votes in his fourth place. . Two other candidates were lagging behind: attorney Larry Frischio (14) and former Ridgefield Park board member Robert Covic (6).

DeGroot has an organizational line in Passover County. Selenium is expected to get a line in Essex.

Frisha and Kovich have since dropped out. Friscia supported Kasha, and Kovich left with Selenium.

It was Kashi’s second election to Congress. He announced his bid to challenge Cheryl in 2020, but withdrew after party leaders persuaded Rosemary Bechy to drop out of the 7th constituency and run in the 11th.

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