HOWELL – Counselor John Banevich has officially resigned from his sudden appointment to the Howell Planning Council.

On March 16, Banevich sent a letter to the township council rejecting an appointment made during a March 1 meeting.

Banevich cannot resign from the planning council, as he has not been sworn in to the position he was appointed to.

During the board meeting on March 1, board member Evelyn O’Donnell, who was on the Planning Board as a representative of the governing body, announced that she was leaving the board due to health issues.

O’Donnell then nominated Banevich for a Class III seat on the Planning Council by the end of 2022.

City Attorney Joseph Clark said a petition would have to be filed, supported and voted on.

O’Donnell proposed appointing Banevich to the planning council, and Deputy Mayor Pamela Richmond backed the request.

Before the vote, Banevich said he would not have time to join the council and resign when appointed. He said it would be better to discuss the situation before the council meeting.

O’Donnell said the problem arose the same day.

In a roll-call vote, three Republicans on the council – O’Donnell, Richmond and council member Susan Brennan – voted in favor of proposing to appoint Banevich to the Planning Council.

Two Democrats in the council – Banevich and Mayor Teresa Berger – voted “no” to the decision.

3-2 votes meant that Banevich was appointed to the planning board. However, he never took the oath to serve on this body.

In his letter to the council on March 16, Banevich wrote: “I would like to thank the Republican majority in the council for recommending me to the vacant position of the Planning Council. I appreciate their support and trust in my proven experience of helping to contain and sustain Howell in rural areas. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, I work at night on Planning Board meetings. So I have to give up the appointment. ”

Asked to comment on the issue in Tri-Town News, Clark said the decision to attend the Planning Board was up to Banevich.

“The village council appoints a member of the III class, which took place on March 1. Thus, if (Banevich’s) resignation is not accepted by the council and a new member is not appointed, this year the official member of the planning council of the III class is the deputy Banevich. The decision to attend the Planning Board is up to him, ”Clark said.

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