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Mark Levin called President Biden “a disgrace” and a “damn fool” for his decision to impose additional sanctions on the US oil industry without imposing any sanctions on Russia’s oil industry as Russia continues to invade Ukraine on Sunday.Life, Freedom and Levin».

MARK LEVIN: I mean Biden – the so-called commander in chief. He is a disgrace and a disaster. He is in fact forcing the Russians to negotiate a nuclear deal with the Iranians with us. What a fool he is, I will never know. As I say, he is imposing more sanctions against the American oil industry and no sanctions against Russia. What kind of fool is this if we can use oil to weaken the Russian economy, Putin’s economy and the military machine, and not exhaust you, Mr. and Mrs. America?

We in the White House have a damn fool, there is no doubt about it, and we must build up our army for every opportunity, and we do not, even though we spend trillions and trillions of huge debts, we do not gain muscle United States military States. Russia, China, Iran, this is the evil, this is the real evil that now exists.

Why is this important? Because gentlemen and gentlemen, I am personally tired of hearing Putin’s excuses and attacks on the United States. That we are somehow going to exacerbate something. We were incredibly passive before what Putin was doing. Diplomacy? Diplomacy? See who the diplomats are. Look at the Secretary of State. He’s pathetic! Look at the national security adviser. He’s pathetic! In modern American history, we have never had such a pathetic team against real, vile genocide maniacs. Xi, the regime in Tehran, and yes, fascist Putin, who runs away and calls the Jewish leader, the president of Ukraine a Nazi. Think about it.

What does this have to do with the United States? Do you think Putin will be happy with Ukraine, no more than with Crimea, no more than with Georgia? He told us what he wanted to do! Do you think he is building hypersonic missiles to attack Kyiv? It creates hypersonic missiles to bypass our defense systems! Do you think China is building its navy and hypersonic missiles to attack Taiwan? Do you think the Iranians are building intercontinental ballistic missiles to hit Tel Aviv? They don’t need intercontinental missiles to hit Tel Aviv! For what they want to put warheads.

By the time this administration ends in Washington, the Iranians will have nuclear missiles, China will conquer Taiwan, and Russia may well enter other countries.


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