ROBINSVILLE – The University of Notre Dame and Robinsville High University basketball teams met in the final game of the 2021-22 conference regular season on Saturday, but the way it went, it was more like a state tournament game.

Hope for both teams is an experience to better prepare them for the New Jersey Inter-School Athletics Association tournament, which begins Monday.

Thanks to a pair of free throws from senior 5-foot guard 5 Eli Neumann 13.4 seconds before the end, the Ravens had enough to face the Irish, 43-41, and avenge a tough defeat in the quarterfinals of Mercer County (37-31). ) a week ago.

“There were a lot of technical fouls in this game, people shouting, a lot of fouls and all the fouls. However, it felt like a state game, ”Neumann said. “I basically just threw everything out of my head.”

On a day when 36 free throws were made (and only 16 were made), it was a vivid reminder of one of the most basic basketball skills that will need to be perfected to survive a state tournament.

Of the nine players in the game who committed a foul, Neumann was the only one to make two free throws in a row, with the most important ones taking place in the final seconds and bringing the team of head coach Joe Washington Jr. three points. lead.

“I’ve always been very confident in my fake shooting,” said Neumann, who became the game’s top scorer with 12 points. “For me, foul shooting is just confidence. Whether you have it or you come up with it, it matters. ”

The strong-willed young lady, who wants to study to be a physiotherapist in college, saw a similar confidence in her teammates when it came to getting ready for the big game.

Kaylee Pacific, senior guard 5-7, scored all 10 of her points to help R’ville play from the hole in the first quarter with a score of 14-8 and tie the score at the break with his second 3-point goal of the game.

Kara Keating, junior guard 5-3, also hit a pair of three-pointers within her eight points, including a trail 26.2 seconds before the end of the game to give the hosts a 41-40 advantage after Sarah Farnan of the ND (seven points). and Simone Pincinali inflicted three points in a row to bring the visitors back to first place, 40-38, from 1:26 to the end.

Five-foot and six-senior guard Vanessa Sable kept the Ravens ahead with 12 rebounds, seven points and six assists.

“All year we tried to get a great game experience not only for our young players but for all of us. It proved itself when we were not playing in the league, ”said senior guard Hali Besler with a score of 5-6, who tied Pinntinalli among the Irish with eight points. “We always talk about nasty shootings. It’s right in the title. These are “free” throws, and they must fall into us. “

Of Notre Dame’s six free-throw attempts in the last 40 seconds yesterday, Besler was the only one to score one 6.5 seconds before the end. Perhaps her second attempt was deliberately missed to give her a chance to equalize.

As it turned out, the first rebound was sent back to Besler, whose foul throw ended before Robinsville tied the second rebound and retained his 16th win.

“We’ll learn from that,” Besler said. “And we will definitely do a lot of fouls in practice.”

It would seem like a given for both teams before the Irish, seeded eighth, host South Plainfield (14-12) on Tuesday at 5pm in Group III of the Jersey Central Group, and the Irish, who are seeded No. 8, at 6pm. will sit in the Immaculate (14-11). Wednesday in Non-Public A South.

Notre Dame (41)

Villalta Barantes 2-0-4, Giori 0-0-0, Yakim 1-1-3, Besler 3-1-8, Lynch 1-1-3, Banas 0-0-0, Pincinali 3-0-8 , Diaz 1-0-2, Farnan 2-1-7, Ramirez 1-4-6, Conali 0-0-0.

In total – 14-8-41.


Sable 3-1-7, Pacific 4-0-10, Neumann 3-5-12, Blitz 1-2-4, Eregan 0-0-0, Keating 3-0-8, Reagan 0-0-0 , Wallace 1-0-2, R. Robinson 0-0-0.

In total – 15-8-43.

Notre Dame (17-7) 14 7 9 11 – 41

Robinsville (16-9) 8 13 10 12 – 43

3-point goals – Besler, Pintinali 2, Farnan 2 (Sun), Pacific 2, Neumann, Keating 2 (right).


BLERSTOWN – For the second time in a week, the Bucks beat the Raiders, this time to win a tournament to train the Athletics Association of Independent Schools of New Jersey.

Hoon, who also lost to Blair in the final of the Mid-Atlantic Preparatory League, was led by All-MAPL favorites Erin Maguire and Sasha Maize.

GUN (41)

N / A

Blair Academy (87)

Hartman 6-1-14, SD Davis 5-3-13, WSmith 2-0-5, Henry 7-1-15, TJohnson 2-0-5, Lavizola 6-0-13, Ozel 6-2-16, Niri 2-0-4, McIchern 1-0-2.

In total – 37-7-87.

Hun (15-11) 7 13 15 6 – 41

BlairAcad. (18-5) 25 16 29 17 – 87

3-point goals – Hartman, W. Smith, TD Johnson, Lavizola, Ozel 2 (BA).



WILLIAMSTOWN – The Redbards missed their third game in a row, joining the Braves away in the regular season.

Caitlin Landgraf’s 18 points for A’town topped all the scorers. Brianna Schweizer scored five three-pointers, scoring 15 points.


Schweitzer 5-0-15, KMcCrea 0-0-0, Landgraf 6-6-18, AConti 0-0-0, CConti 3-0-6, MMcCrea 0-1-1.

In total – 14-7-40.


Eberley 3-0-7, Baker 3-0-6, Cirucci 2-0-6, Mause 6-0-13, Bamgbose 5-0-10, CJones 4-0-8.

In total – 23-0-50.

Allentown (13-10) 8 9 12 11 – 40

Williamstown (13-11) 9 14 18 9 – 50

3-point goals – Schweizer 5 (A), Eberley, Circus 2, Mause (W).

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