Amy Winehouse will be the subject of a new major biographical film.

The parents of the deceased singer Mitch and Janis gave a blessing to the directors for using her music.

British casting director Nina Gold is looking for an actress to liven up Amy on the big screen, and her choice will be confirmed by the star’s family, who are involved in all aspects of the project.

A source in the Daily Mail said: “Nina was looking for in theater schools and drama clubs, looking for a man in his 20s who will be made a star.”

Winehouse became a world star with hits such as “Back to Black” and “Rehab”, but her career was haunted by drug and alcohol addiction. She died in 2011 at the age of just 27 from alcohol poisoning.

Mitch and Janis were upset by Asif Kapadi’s 2015 documentary “Amy” and released their own TV documentary “Reclaiming Amy”, which featured footage of the star’s home movie and memories of their daughter, which aired on the tenth anniversary of her death in 2021. .

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Gold has experience in unearthing talent and brought Daisy Ridley fame in the Star Wars franchise, and also found Macy Williams and Sophie Turner for the Game of Thrones series.

The casting director, who chose Colin Firth for the role of King George VI in the famous film “The King’s Speech”, previously explained how difficult it is to find the right performer to portray a real figure.

She explained: “You need to make a decent shot to make them look a bit like a real person. It can be very much related to the idea of ​​the essence, not to a similar approach.

“Colin Firth is not at all like the real Bertie, he is much taller and older than expected. But he was so brilliant that he didn’t even think about it, and he definitely did his part. “

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