Civil rights lawyer Tim Alexander has become a clear leader in the Democratic nomination to fight MP Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) in New Jersey’s 2nd constituency after winning a democratic organization in Atlantic County.

Today, at the 47th annual congress of the Democratic District, Alexander defeated former Eg-Harbor police officer Hector Tavares by 143 votes to 42.

Newcomer Caroline Rush, an engineer, received 20 votes. No vote has been cast for Priest Curtis Green, a U.S. Army pastor and veteran.

Tavares, a former police officer, announced his withdrawal from the race and support for Alexander shortly after the results were announced.

He made a strong bid for the line in Atlantic County and received approval from Sheriff Eric Scheffler. Two years ago, Scheffler was one of the key supporters in Amy Kennedy’s bid for the Atlantic Democratic Line.

Alexander has already won the organizational line in Ocean County.

2nd County is also Cape May, Cumberland and Salem counties and part of Gloucester. More Ocean County was added during the recent district redistribution process in Congress, and County 2 no longer has parts of Burlington or Camden.

Alexander, a Galloway resident, served in the Atlantic County Attorney’s Office as a detective who headed the criminal investigation department. He later enrolled in law school and became an assistant district attorney for Philadelphia. Alexander worked in the civil rights department of a Philadelphia attorney’s office before joining a South Jersey law firm.

Van Drew got an open house in 2018 as a Democrat after 17 years in the state legislature. After refusing to support the impeachment of Donald Trump, Van Drew changed parties and was re-elected Republican in 2019. He was re-elected Republican in 2020.

In Atlantic County, Alexander supported former Assembly member Vince Maceo (D-Northfield), County Commissioner Karen Fitzpatrick and Kennedy, daughter-in-law of the late U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy.

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