Burlington County Attorney Scott Coffin and Acting Director of Public Safety Captain Ian Bucks announced that a 19-year-old man was shot dead on Feb. 11 in the parking lot of Willingbar Mall.

The investigation began after immediately after 7.30pm officers from the Willingborough City Police Department were called to the Kennedy Plaza in the 400th quarter of John F. Kennedy Way for a report of the shooting.

Upon arrival, they found Adam Jansson’s body in the parking lot in front of the pizzeria. It is known that Jenson lives in the Burlington City / Burlington area. The autopsy will be conducted by a Berlington County forensic pathologist, Dr. Ian Hood.

There were no arrests.

Anyone with information that could help solve the crime is asked to call the central communications of Burlington County at 609-265-7113 or the Willingbar Police Department telephone line at 609-877-6958. Information can also be sent to tips@co.burlington.nj.us.

The investigation is being conducted by the prosecutor’s office and the police department of the village of Willingbar. Leading investigators are BCPO detective Jen Marchez and WTPD detective Monica Pogozelski.

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