PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A native of East Falls and Temple University alumni competed on Friday at Jeopardy!

Caitlin McHale is now Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at her alma mater, Temple University.

She is also well known in the 6abc edition.

McHale worked in the 6abc creative services department and even served as a tour guide at the station. She calls to be in danger! moment of the list.

She debuted on Friday.

“I’ve always watched the show,” McHale says. “In my house it was always at night on TV. I mean, my parents had News of Action turned on, and obviously they show up right after that.”

McHale also says she has always had a thirst for knowledge.

“I’ve always easily assimilated information and stored it for any reason,” McHale said. “I think that’s how my brain works. I don’t want to say I “know everything,” but people really turn to me when they need an answer to something. So it was kind of a natural device. ”

McHale says she practiced buzzing at home, and adds that being on set was incredible but amazing.

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