IRWINGTON, NJ (WABC) – A big mess at a preschool in New Jersey has outraged some parents after a child was left out of school.

It all started with mixing two children of the same name in the same class.

The parents of a little girl named Harry took their daughter away, but released another girl of the same name at school.

“The parents came for their child, Harry A, for early dismissal. They mixed up the children, packed my child and sent him down,” said Jessica Hamilton, whose daughter was mistakenly fired.

These parents have now lost faith in the school system. Their daughter says she left her volunteer parents and was left alone and went outside.

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“She says she broke free, walked through the auditorium door, through the second set of closed auditorium doors, and then came out of the two double doors to be on the street in front of the school alone,” Hamilton said.

The little girl, who went missing, said she stood in front of the school on Augusta Street for a while, but school officials checked the cameras and said Harry was on the street for only 30 to 45 seconds before another adult returned the child.

But a 4-year-old girl blames herself for mixing.

“My daughter was crying, her coat wasn’t buttoned up, I asked what was going on, she said,‘ Dad, you weren’t there, ’” said Harry’s father Brian Dugid Jr.
Now there is a lot of that if.

“My daughter could have gotten out of this school and run outside and knocked down a car, my daughter could have been kidnapped,” Dougie Jr. said.

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The family wants to thank the caring parents who brought Harry back to school.

“And I’m grateful to this man, and I would be grateful to have the opportunity to thank him,” said Grandma Erin Feeney.

The head of Irvington’s schools says the case is now being investigated and they are double-checking to make sure all proper procedures have been followed. In addition, they are going to offer a small child, Harry, a consultation.

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