PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers are unlikely to see former winger Ben Simmons in Philadelphia this week when the team meets the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Adrian Voinarovsky of ESPN, “There’s no way he’s playing for Philly” when the Nets come to the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday, March 10th.

76ers exchanged Simmons for James Harden and Paul Milsap last month.

Simmons said during his inaugural press conference in Brooklyn that he hopes to be ready for the game in Philadelphia. Choice number 1 in the 2016 draft spent the entire season trying to share it, citing mental health issues.

But, according to Voinarovsky, Simmons is expected to join his new teammates soon.

“This back problem has been a problem for him since he tried to start building. In fact, he was just doing individual work at their institution,” Voinarovsky said on Sunday.

Harden averaged 27.75 points in his first four games with the 76ers. He did not play Saturday night against Heath as part of his hamstring recovery program.


The 76ers will meet the Chicago Bulls on Monday night and the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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