CALIFORNIA – That time of year again … Sunday Super Cup is approaching! Here’s everything you need to know about the Super Bowl LVI, no matter what you’re playing, advertising or showing on the break.

What time is the Super Cup and how can I watch it?
The LVI Super Cup kicks off on Sunday, February 13, at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

It will be broadcast live on NBC and on Peacock. You can also look at and the NBC Sports app. It was originally planned to broadcast the 2021 Super Cup on NBC, but changed years with CBS so that both the Super Cup and the Winter Olympics, which began on February 4, were held at almost the same time.

Which teams play in the Super Cup?
Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. Both teams won their divisions in an exciting form when the Bengals overcame a huge deficit to beat the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in the AFC Championship. In the fourth quarter, the Rams played against the San Francisco 49ers, eventually beating them 20-17 to win the NFC Championship title.

Where is the Super Cup?
The Super Bowl LVI is being played near Los Angeles, in Inglewood, California, at SoFi Stadium, where the Rams (and LA Chargers) are located. For the second year in a row the Super Cup team will have the advantage at home (Tampa Bay Bacchins won the Super Cup at home last year). However, technically for the purpose of throwing uniforms and coins, the Bengals will be considered a “home team” and the Rams will be visitors as the AFC and NFC champions take turns each year. Yes, it’s weird, but we don’t make the rules.

So, this means that the Bengals will wear their standard home jersey, and the Rams will toss a coin to open the game and, if necessary, extend the extra time.

Which players should I know about?
Quarterbacks. Both were selected first in their NFL drafts, both wear No. 9, and both played in SEC schools in college, though not simultaneously.

Bengals quarterback Joe Barrow is only working his second season as a professional and has spent the last part of his first side with a torn PKS. In the 2020 draft, Barrow was drafted first overall by the Bengalis, and when he began his career at Ohio College, he later moved to Louisiana State University, where he won the national championship and won the 2019 Heisman Trophy. If Barrow can win the Super Cup, he will be only the third defender in history to win both the National College Football Championship and the Super Bowl, joining the likes of Joe Montana and Joe Namat (yes, they will all be called “Joe”). )

Quarterback Rams Matthew Stafford in his first season in Los Angeles after more than a decade as a signalman for Detroit Lions. Stafford’s career at a college at the University of Georgia was more than respected, but he failed to lead the school to the National Championship. Eventually he decided to drop out of the graduation course and participated in the 2009 NFL Draft, where he was selected first in the overall standings by the Lions. He was traded to Reims last year, and coach Sean McVey said a few weeks ago that the team would not be where it is today without Stafford’s leadership.

Who will win?
According to the Bleacher Report, owned by the parent company CNN Warner Media, choose “Rams”. As for the matches, no one would have predicted this game at the beginning of the season, so who knows. Rams – 12-5 in the season, and Bengals – 10-7.

The Bleacher Report also breaks down the chances of Barrow on interception, Rams, Odel Beckham Jr., who scored over 64 yards of reception, and various other bits.

Who performs on the show during the break?
This year’s break during the break looks like a celebration of love in the style of rap and hip-hop, which will feature Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar.

“Right from the Compton” director F. Gary Gray shot a trailer called “Challenge”. The teaser can be viewed here:

What about commercials?

Don’t worry, we have a preview!

Who should I support?
Honestly, who cares! I’m kidding.

This NFL postseason has been filled with a number of rodents, which has prompted some sports analysts and even the NFL itself to call it the best playoff season in history, so it seems possible that this final game could follow suit.

The Bengals are definitely an outsider (undercut?) Not only in this match, but in terms of the franchise, they have never won a Super Cup and have not appeared in it since the 1980s. The Bengals have also not had a winning season in a few years so far.

Now, in his second era in Los Angeles after returning to the city in 2016, Rams seems to have established himself as a “Hollywood team” (sorry, Charger fans). Between Los Angeles and St. Louis, the Rams have made five appearances in the Super Cup, most recently losing to the New England Patriots in 2018 in the LIII Super Cup. They won their only NFL championship in 2000 in the XXXIV Super Cup.

For all things Super Bowl LVI, check out our more CNN coverage here.

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