2022 NFL Power Rankings
2022 NFL Power Rankings: Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (Michael Reeves – Getty Images)

The third week had some ups and downs, but with it came a new number one for Week four NFL Power Rankings 2022. This list was calculated based on the average values ​​of three participants and the authors of this article. Week One Writers: Xavier Santos, David Loiza, and Dylan Hargis.

2022 NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

1. Miami Dolphins 3-0 (+3)

The Dolphins make believers in us and football fans in general. The defense looks legit. Their defensive front gave Buffalo all they could handle and their offense is a big game waiting to be played. Tua Tagovailoa has played well and looks better than last season.

2. Buffalo Bills 2-1 (-1)

The Bills are still the Bills, but their inability to run the ball could come back to bite them. This team will lead in the second half of the games. If they can’t run the ball and protect prospects, things can get dicey for them late in the game.

3. Philadelphia Eagles 3-0 (+3)

We are in love with this team. They are deep. They are good. The biggest question still remains with Jalen Hurts and he needs to play better in the second half of games.

4. Los Angeles Rams 2-1 (+1)

Rams looks like a house of cards. Their upper-class talent is elite, but if the injuries start piling up, things could get out of hand in a hurry. For now, they remain in the top five of the 2022 NFL power rankings.

5. Kansas City Chiefs 2-1 (-3)

The next game against Tampa Bay will be a huge test for the offense. When Hill is gone, they lack a burst and are forced to make longer trips. Their offensive line will be tested against the Buccaneers. If they can keep Patrick Mahomes upright, they will be in position to win late. If Mahomes is under duress, they could fall to .500.

6. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 (+1)

Lamar Jackson should wear contact lenses with dollar signs on them. Each of his explosive plays makes the Ravens’ decision to delay the inevitable more costly.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 (-4)

Tampa should explore the trade market for another receiver. Counting on Julio Jones and Chris Godwin staying healthy could be what turns their season around.

8. Green Bay Packers 2-1 (+1)

The Packers’ inability to surround Aaron Rodgers with reliable threats continues to frustrate us. He deserves better. This defense deserves better.

9. Minnesota Vikings 2-1 (+4)

This team can look like one of the worst in the league on some days and one of the best on others. Sometimes they can look like this depending on the half or quarter. This is when your quarterback has a limited ceiling and is the poster child for inconsistent play. They’re currently ranked as a top 10 power in the 2022 NFL, but it’s anyone’s guess where they’ll end up.

10. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 (+10)

That game against the Giants set football back a decade. They did what they needed to do to pull out the win with their backup quarterback. The defense is legal. If Dak Prescott can look like the Dak he did a couple of years ago, they will challenge the Eagles for the division crown.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1 (+11)

Doug Pederson’s arm is starting to show in Jacksonville with two big wins
back-to-back games against the Colts and Chargers. The Jaguars look like favorites to win the division for the first time since 2017.

12. Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 (-4)

Now it’s time to talk about the losers. The Chargers were limited to ten points on Sunday and it doesn’t look good for them. They played without Keenan Allen, JC Jackson and Corey Linsley. The game saw them lose Rashaan Slater for the rest of the season and Joey Bosso with a groin injury.

13. Denver Broncos 2-1 (-2)

The Broncos beat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, but only because someone had to win and the 49ers didn’t. The game was 11-10 with only one touchdown for each team. Denver continues to struggle on offense and Russell Wilson is not cooking right now.

14. Cleveland Browns 2-1 (+7)

The Browns are tied for first in the division with the Baltimore Ravens, but their opponents over the past three weeks haven’t been the strongest. The next few games will be the best test for the team moving forward. They are currently moving up in the 2022 NFL power rankings.

15. New York Giants 2-1 (-5)

The Giants lost Monday against the Cowboys, and their lack of defensive tackle Daniel Jones was exposed in the game. Dallas had five sacks and 23 tackles, and Jones threw an interception and lost the game.

2022 NFL Power Rankings
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (Scott Winters – Getty Images)

16. Cincinnati Bengals 1-2 (+2)

A much-needed win against the New York Jets after starting the season with two straight losses. They had problems with Sous Gardner when he was defending Ja’Mar Chase, but the rest of the players stepped up to get the dub. They face the Dolphins on Thursday and a win would put them back on the map in their division.

17. Arizona Cardinals 1-2 (-3)

The Cardinals lost a tough game due to a lack of offense planning and reliance on Kyler Murray to save the game. They ran 35 more times than the Rams, gained just 26 more yards and didn’t score a single touchdown in the game.

18. Chicago Bears 2-1 (+7)

The Bears got their second win of the season thanks to Khalil Herbert rushing for 157 yards and two touchdowns, but questions remain on offense. Justin Fields hasn’t thrown more than eight passes in a game, and he had two interceptions against the Texans.

19. San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (-7)

The Denver Broncos gave this team every possible chance to win this game. They did not succeed. The safety in this game says everything you need to know about this team. They slide in the 2022 NFL power rankings.

20. New England Patriots 1-2 (-5)

Mack Jones is hurting both in his body and in his game. The second-year quarterback left the field against the Ravens in his final offensive game and went straight to the locker room. He was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain. Without him, the team is likely in worse shape.

21. Tennessee Titans 1-2 (+6)

This game said a lot more about the Raiders than the Titans. This team isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Getting rid of the top wide receiver and not replacing him is not a good idea. Shocker.

22. Detroit Lions 1-2 (-5)

The team had this game in store, but the Vikings broke their heart in the final moments of the game. Detroit is moving in the right direction, but the team is likely to have more heartache this season.

23. New Orleans Saints 1-2 (-7)

Jameis Winston is playing hurt and with a lot of guts, but it seems pretty obvious that he’s hurt. In addition, the offensive playmaking has become questionable at best. The post-Sean Payton era looks rough.

24. Indianapolis Colts 1-1-1 (+8)

The NFL is truly an amazing sport. For two weeks, the Colts looked like the worst team in the NFL, and then they beat the Kansas City Chiefs. This confuses us. The Colts move up in the 2022 NFL rankings.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 (-6)

This team has several probes and some of them are difficult to identify. They need to run the ball better, but that can be difficult when the passing game looks like this.

26. Washington Commanders 1-2 (-2)

This team is well behind the other teams in the NFC East. While the team has some talent, they just aren’t a complete football team at this point.

27. Atlanta Falcons 1-2 (+3)

Beating the Seattle Seahawks isn’t much bragging rights this year, but a win’s a win. Focusing more on Kyle Pitts is a good idea. We’re glad they figured it out! The Falcons remain at the bottom of the 2022 NFL power rankings.

28. New York Jets 1-2 (-)

Joe Flacco has been impressive in his three starts despite two losses. It looks like Zach Wilson is ready to return to a starting role this week. Will it lead to more victories? It’s the Jets so, probably not.

29. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 (-3)

If the Seahawks could play Russell Wilson every week, they would make the playoffs this year. Without that extra inspiration, they are rebuilding a team that needs to add a lot of talent before they are ready to win anything.

30. Carolina Panthers 1-2 (+1)

The young defense showed exactly what they could one day become week after week. Add a quarterback, a head coach and some depth to this team, then we’re talking about an NFL playoff contender.

31. Las Vegas Raiders 0-3 (-8)

This team just looks terrible. They are the only 0-3 team and could easily be considered the worst team in the NFL right now. The talent is there, but not the coaching and depth.

32. Houston Texans 0-2-1 (-3)

Texans sometimes make promises, but then they remind us that they are Texans. They are currently at the bottom of the 2022 NFL power rankings.

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