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Vladimir Zelensky was all over television, which is very typical of a guy hiding from Russian killers, praying on behalf of his increasingly desperate country.

In some underground bunker, he was already answering questions from NBC News and CNN. He spoke remotely with ABC News presenter David Muir in a video released by the network yesterday:

“What needs to be done is the president Paste stop talking, start a dialogue, and not live in an information bubble without oxygen ”.

Photo by President of Ukraine Zelensky and President Biden
(AP / Office of the President of Ukraine)

The Ukrainian The president also held a meeting at Zoom with congressional leaders, demanding the introduction of a no-fly zone, although such a move with the risk of a direct confrontation between the US and Russia is highly unlikely.

And now, according to Jewish insider Yesterday Zelensky made such a rude and emotional speech at the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations:

“It all happened [when] swept the German army Europeand each betrayed his Jewish people. “


He said that the Russians “do not let people out of these cities, even those who just want to leave or flee, they do not let them. They do not allow us to bring food. They will not allow us to bring water. They turn off the Internet, TV, electricity This is the behavior of the Nazis, this is Nazism, this is ordinary Nazism, this is no different from the Warsaw, Polish ghettos.

“I keep saying this to make the world wake up.”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky participates in a conversation with US senators on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky participates in a conversation with US senators on Saturday, March 5, 2022.
(Senator Marco Rubio)

This is extremely powerful material for several reasons:

Zelensky himself is Jewishand one should not listen to Vladimir Putin’s fictional nonsense that his government is controlled by neo-Nazis.

Zelensky was a television performer – he once played the president in a sitcom – before running for office, and knows what to do in front of the camera.

And most importantly, he occupies a moral place, given that every day he exposes more and more outrageous lies from the Kremlin, aimed at civilians in a campaign that is increasingly reminiscent of genocide.


This harsh reality – no matter how many media outlets Putin has shut down or how many draconian laws he imposes on Western journalists – is tragically obvious to the rest of the world. It is impossible to disguise the Russian brutality, which has twice promised a safe evacuation from Mariupol, where water and electricity are running out, just to fire on the escape routes along which families are panicking.

But what also cannot be camouflaged is that the war is hitting hard on Ukrainians who just want to defend their country.

For war In the first week, peace was raised when Zelensky and his compatriots slowed Russia’s military advance, despite the Kremlin’s overwhelming superiority. But this second week shows that Putin has responded with even more deadly tactics, as if bombing cities and neighborhoods is the only way his unstable army can win the battle.

Bright images, many of which have been posted on social media, have united much of the world against Putin, even countries like Japan and Switzerland. And I see a much greater unity in the heavily shattered American media culture when some of those who refused to invade Ukraine or denied its importance soften those positions.


In politics, as more Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, called for more sanctions on Russian oil and gas, Republicans also have less daylight.

Even earlier, pro-Putin voices changed the melody. Mike Pompeo repeatedly praised the Russian autocrat in the past. But the former secretary of state told Fox yesterday that he sees “war criminal activity not only by those who are actually on strike, but also by the Russian leadership, those who ordered the strikes and those who allowed them, including up to and including Vladimir Putin.” ». ».

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to silence non-state media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to silence non-state media.
(Yuri Kochetkov / Photo of the pool via AP)

Donald Trump, whose initial reaction was to praise Putin’s intelligence and genius, called last weekend’s invasion a “mass crime against humanity” and said NATO should stop it. Perhaps it was overshadowed by his joke that the U.S. should put Chinese flags on its planes and “bomb the devil out of Russia”.

But this collapse of the political and media is happening when Ukraine runs out of time. America is struggling to get Zelensky’s missiles and anti-tank weapons through Poland and Romania before those supply routes are closed.


There is a huge sense of frustration – you hear it in many journalists ’questions – about why the United States can’t do more to save Ukraine. But even the most sincere appeals of Vladimir Zelensky cannot change the gloomy fact that our possibilities are limited.

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