JADON, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – After weeks of controversy, the Yedon District Council voted to fire its current police chief.

During a 4-3 vote Thursday night, council members decided to fire Chairman Anthony Papara over allegations of “salary theft,” which reportedly cost the district more than $ 380,000.

The chief, who is white, had previously stated that his job was on the assembly line through his race.

The population of the district is about 12,000 people: about 88% of the population are African Americans.

“When people say they want a black leader because it’s a black city, I didn’t want to believe it,” Papara said.

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City Council Chair Sharon Rada-Harris said it never happened.

“There is a $ 387,000 complaint that the district had to pay as an absorption payment, in violation of the FOP contract, when it overused bank hours for part-time employees after a warning,” District Council President Sharon Saville-Harris said earlier. . .

Papara has denied allegations of cost overruns, citing unrest two years ago and an ongoing pandemic.

“I will put the lives and safety of the residents of this city, which I call family, before worrying about the clock bank,” Papara added.

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