The Boston Celticsheaded by Jason Tatumface Golden State Warriorsheaded by Steph Curryin Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday, June 13, 2022 (6/13/22) at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

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The series is 2-2 after Golden State defeated Boston in Game 4, 107-97.

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What: NBA Finals, Game 5

World Health Organization: Celtics vs. Warriors

When: Monday, June 13, 2022

Where: Chase Center

Time: 21:00 ET


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MORE NBA NEWS from the Associated Press:

When Steve Kerr looks at how the Boston Celtics set up a champion caliber team, he sees many similarities with how his Golden State Warriors made it to the 2015 NBA Finals.

Boston built the core through the draft, taking Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum for four years from 2014-17 and added the necessary pieces to overcome this year’s hump to reach the final.

On Thursday night, the Celtics in the first game will be waiting for the “Warriors of Kerr”, who make the sixth trip in eight years under the leadership of homegrown club Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green.

“Traditionally, that’s how it should work in the NBA,” Kerr said. “If you look at these years, you make a team through the draft, pick your lumps through the playoffs, go up, and then get to the finals. Our team was built about the same way. … I think it’s good for sports. “

This approach is hindering the growing trend around the megastar movement league as teams have tried to build more through free agency and trade than on the draft.

Both teams have eight players on the list originally purchased on the draft, and this is the first final since Chicago-Utah in 1998, according to ESPN, when the top three playoff scorers of both teams made their NBA debuts with their current teams.

The similarities between the teams are not complete, with the biggest discrepancy being the experience. Led by Curry, Thompson and Green, the Warriors played 123 games in the final, compared to the Celtics, who have lost three times in the Eastern Conference finals in the last five years.

“Obviously there are nerves, adrenaline, anxiety and nerves – as well as everything to do with the emotions from the game at this stage,” Curry said of her first appearance in the final. “Because of that, that first game sometimes goes everywhere. And once you get a job, it becomes about basketball, as it usually is. ”

Celtics coach Ime Udoka, who was an assistant to the two teams that made it to the finals in San Antonio, is not overly concerned, citing the experience his best players have gained in the postseason in recent years.

Boston won two games 7 just to get here this season, defeating reigning Milwaukee champions at home in the second round and winning in Miami in the conference finals.

“I think if you come out of the original media circus and the intensity and what’s all the more exaggerated, obviously when you go out on the court, it’s not much different,” he said.


Udoka became the fifth coach since 2015 to reach the finals in his first year as NBA head coach, with three of the previous four winning all. Kerr defeated David Blatt of Cleveland in the Battle of the NBA’s first coaches in the 2015 finals and then lost to Tai Lu and Cause the following year. Nick Nurse of Toronto also won it in his first year as a coach in the NBA against the Warriors in 2019.

Prior to that, the only freshman coaches to win an NBA final since the 1950s were Pat Riley (Lakers 1982) and Paul Westhead (Lakers 1980).


Golden State owner Joe Lakab was the minority owner of the Celtics before capturing the Warriors in 2010, who are oppressed. At the time, he said he hoped the Warriors could compete with the success of franchises such as the Celtics and the Lakers.

“At the time, we were trying to change the direction of this franchise,” Lokab said. “So the first thing you need to do is set goals.”

Having a chance for a fourth title in the sixth exit of the Golden State final in the last eight years, Lacaba’s lofty goals have become a reality, but he is far from satisfied.

“It will take many years of ownership to even get closer to what the Celtics have achieved in terms of all the fantastic decades of success,” Lakab said.


Curry said at the start of the playoffs that he wanted the Warriors to discover a personality at Chase Center in the first run of the playoffs in the 3-year arena. Golden State did so by winning all nine games at home and beating the opponent by 14.6 points per game. The Warriors are the fifth team to reach the final with a score of 9-0 or better.

Both teams have been successful away from home: Boston have won seven of their nine away games, and the Warriors have won at least one away game in a record-breaking playoff series of 26 in a row.


In the last round, the Warriors finished without three key players – Andre Iguadal (neck), Gary Payton II (left elbow) and Otto Porter Jr. (left leg) – who could provide much-needed assistance in defending on the wings against Tatum and Brown. .

All three were able to train this week and are listed as questionable in the 1st game. Iguadala has missed the last 12 games, Peyton has dropped nine, and Porter has not missed the last two games in the Western Conference finals.

The Celtics are dealing with a significant personal injury with central Robert Williams III, which is hampered by inflammation of the left knee. Williams has played the last four games against Heath, but has not looked his best. He is listed as dubious.

Smart is not included in the injury report after suffering a dislocation of his right ankle in the last round.

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