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Watch the trailer for the podcast “Hazard NJ”, which explores the sites of Superfund and climate change | Video


These are the most polluted places in the country, and no state has more than New Jersey.

There are 114 toxic Superfund sites scattered throughout Garden, and that number is growing. As cleanup efforts drag on in these areas, in some cases for nearly 40 years, climate change is changing the ways in which their pollution could threaten people living nearby.

Hazard, New Jersey it’s a new podcast that digs up the dirt of every contaminated site to give a clearer idea of ​​what the threat is and what it will take to clean it up before it’s too late. Lead journalist Jordan Gass-Pur ‘and producer of NJ Spotlight News, Hazard, New Jersey – this is a limited series, the first series will be released on May 18.

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