Update at 4:13 p.m. from State Senator Nia Gill: “This is a historic nomination of an outstandingly qualified lawyer who should move forward with the support of two parties.”

As Democrats prepare for the state Senate primaries between the two incumbents in the newly elected 27th constituency next year, it is worth noting that Richard Cody – not Nia Gil – was the first to support the nomination of the first black woman to the US Supreme Court.

A new legislative card, approved last week, puts Cody and Gila in the same district.

Cody praised Ketanjie Brown Jackson as a judge who “proved her strength of character and devotion to the law.”

“If she is confirmed, she will bring another important voice to court as the first judge to act as a public defender,” said Cody, a former governor. “Judge Jackson is an extraordinary candidate, and I look forward to the Senate confirming her, as it was only last year when she was nominated to the DC County Court of Appeals.”

While there is no indication that Gill opposes Biden Brown Jackson’s nomination to the highest court in the nomination, it is not necessarily assumed until she says something. Gil did not sign Governor Phil Murphy’s nomination for the post of Black Essex County Attorney Theodore Stevens. Stevens has been acting attorney since September 2018.

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