Hampstead, Long Island (WABC) – Tuesday 2-2-22, called “two days”, and 22 couples celebrate a date once in a lifetime, taking their relationship to the next level and saying “I’m right”. on Long Island.

Brides and grooms take their vows at Hampstead City Hall under the chairmanship of city clerk Kate Murray.

Tuesday is usually not a popular day of the week for a wedding, but this year is the best day.

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Murray said it was a special day that couples will remember for a lifetime.

“Today we have about three times as many couples coming, so I suspect 2-22-22 is definitely moving business towards us,” she said. “Every couple today will, of course, receive their individual wedding ceremony, and we try to make this moment as special as possible.”

Kirm Singh and his new wife Judith, and their little Liam seemingly busy with everything but dating, no wonder they decided to get married that day.

“I thought the date was cool, easy to remember,” he said. “So, you know why not? And it’s Tuesday, 2-22-22.”

“Two Days” is the most exceptional date in ten years, says palindrome enthusiast Aziz Inan, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Portland in Oregon who has been studying palindrome dates for more than 14 years.

This is a ubiquitous five-digit palindrome date, all numbers are the same.

“It’s a once in a lifetime, and it’s a once in a lifetime for us,” said young Camille Tyson. “It was a perfect day.”

And even though the wedding was on Tuesday, some couples have kept the tradition.

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One couple from North Freeport, who have been together for 12 years, held a full procession with the bridesmaids and all.

“We’ve been trying to get together (together) for the last year, but with COVID and family members it wasn’t the time,” Alicia Pershad said. “So we saw that date approaching and it was a day like no other.”

The last ubiquitous six-digit palindrome date was November 11, 2011, Inan noted. This is written 11.11.11.

From 23 to 28 February are also palindrome dates, although not ubiquitous.

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