Municipal officials in Howell plan to make improvements to the fields in the community where minor league baseball is played.

Howell has three Minor League organizations: Howell North Little League; Howell Central League; and the Howell South League.

During a recent meeting of the city council, MP John Banevich said that in recent weeks he was joined by the head of the township Brian Johegan and zoning officer Matt Howard to discuss with representatives of several organizations of the Minor League.

Leagues “are having trouble raising funds. … there is some hard work that we as a council can help them … (for example,) to get a homestead mix, clay for embankments and soil for fields, ”Banevich said.

He said other assistance could be provided as a capital improvement.

“The good news is that we will get a mix for backyards, clay, fencing, maybe some shelter (place), benches and tables for all the minor league organizations to help them because they really have a hard time raising funds” said Banevich. .

Howell, deputy mayor Pamela Richmond has announced that information and photos are being collected for the Wall of Heroes.

Recently, Richmond proposed to place a TV on the ground floor of a municipal building. She said the TV would show photos of Howell soldiers serving in Howell, living in Howell and / or having family members who served in the military.

During a city council meeting on Feb. 15, Richmond said the application is available on the township website.

“Just to be clear … (display) is for all veterans, any veterans who have any connection to Howell at any time; not necessarily active (military), ”Richmond said.

Howell Township Council members unanimously passed a resolution setting a salary schedule for some Howell officers and staff, TWU Local 220.

The decree lists more than 70 job titles, each of which is determined by one of 16 different pay grades, with each position having seven salary increments.

All salaries or compensations provided by the decree will be valid from January 1, 2022, unless otherwise provided by the council or a specific trade union contract, according to the decree.

Time worked in excess of the minimum hours marked as a working week shall be paid at the rate of one and a half hours of the employee’s hourly rate, except in cases where the trade union contract provides for double time.

If the time worked per week is less than the minimum number of hours specified for the position, the payment will be in the amount of the hourly rate for the employee, multiplied by the number of hours worked per week, according to the decree.

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