TEDIFRYN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – Tredifrin City Police have arrested one person and are looking for others in connection with a massive mail fraud.

Police believe the thieves work in about 39 jurisdictions, including some other states.

The case was dropped after the arrest of Bruno Nyanue in December 2021.

According to police, Nyanue was seen hiding near an outer mailbox near Paoli’s post office.

There was a brief chase and then an accident. Police say they found more than 600 stolen checks, stolen gift and credit cards.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Zidane Galimor in connection with the investigation.

Police believe Galimor worked with Nyanue, but do not believe the two are ring leaders.

In fact, investigators estimate that about 90 more people work as mules. Police say they are being hired through Instagram ads where checks are provided.

They steal mail. They pass mail. They take checks. They wash them (and) use acetone solution to remove the ink from the check. Then they reprint the check with other names, other accounts and they deposit them in the mailboxes. They get into mailboxes in a short time and take away the entire batch of mail that is in those mailboxes, ”said Lieutenant Tyler Moyer.

Vita Gianandrea, who owns the San Nicola restaurant in Paola, has become one of the victims.

In November, while he was doing internet banking, he noticed a check waiting. He was cashed in by someone whose name he did not know, and the name of his restaurant was misspelled.

“Fortunately, I managed to catch him in time. It was as if an angel was watching me that morning,” Gianandrea said.

It turned out that all the checks he had recently left at Paoli’s post office had been stolen, but because he warned his bank, they froze his account, and thankfully he didn’t lose any money.

“If all the checks came back to me after they were frozen, they would be around $ 50,000-65,000 if they passed,” Gianandrea said.

Anyone who has encountered a similar check fraud can contact your local police department or U.S. Postal Service by calling 877-876-2455.

Due to the nature of the thefts, the authorities strongly discourage the placement of outgoing mail, especially checks, in the personal or external mailboxes of U.S. offices.

If online billing is not available, mail should be delivered to your nearest United States local post office.

If anyone has any information about Zidane Galimore’s whereabouts, you are asked to contact the Treadmill City Police Department at 610.644.3221.

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