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Trying to gain weight can sometimes be as difficult as trying to lose weight for some people. Illness, poor nutrition or certain medical conditions can lead to weight loss in humans, health Experts explained to Fox News. In some cases, this can be a cause for concern. It is important to discuss weight loss with your doctor to rule out any major health problems, experts told Fox News and suggested the person seek the advice of a registered nutritionist to discuss healthy diet and proper daily calorie intake.

While this may be helpful for some, daily weight gain is not for everyone.

“Healthy fats are an easy way to get the most out of your money when you’re trying to gain weight, so including seeds, avocados and nuts is a great way,” said Dr. Deborah Salvatore, director of nutrition programs for graduate students at Long. University of Brookville, New York, told Fox News. Salvatore, who is a registered nutritionist, added: “A good sweet treat that you can add is unsweetened dried fruits, which are a good source of calories and fiber.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are several healthy ways to gain weight. Health system experts website offer these tips:

  • Eat more often. According to experts on the Mayo Clinic website, you may feel full faster if you are underweight. They recommend replacing the “three-course meal” schedule with one that includes five to six smaller meals throughout the day.
  • – Shake. Set aside the soda and take a smoothie or smoothie. Diet sodas and coffee have fewer calories and less nutritional value than fruit, nut and milk smoothies, according to registered nutritionists. In some cases, adding a liquid meal replacement may be recommended to add extra calories.
  • Be strategic when drinking liquids. According to a Mayo Clinic report, drinking fluids before meals can reduce appetite. In this case, health experts have recommended consuming more high-calorie drinks while eating or drinking 30 minutes after a meal, rather than with it.
  • “Additions”. To get more calories, add some toppings to dishes, such as cheese and skim milk powder to dishes such as soups and stews, the Mayo Clinic suggested.
  • Exercise.Physical therapists told Fox News that they perform strength training exercises three times a week can help build muscle mass, which in turn helps to gain weight. PT also warned that it is also important to consume enough calories because exercise burns calories, which can lead to weight loss.
Close-up shot of a woman holding a plate of fresh green salad in a beautiful morning light.

Close-up shot of a woman holding a plate of fresh green salad in a beautiful morning light.

Health experts told Fox News that it is possible to treat, such as a favorite ice cream or cookies, but remember to consume excess sugar and fat. Health experts have said that when looking for a treat, try to choose one that provides nutrients and is considered healthy while providing those calories needed to gain weight. They offered snacks such as peanut butter, cheese, nuts and avocados.


According to Academy of Nutrition and Nutritionit is important to avoid tricks and additives.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it may not work. Give up expensive supplements and save money on delicious foods rich in nutrients,” the organization said on its website.

"Food is medicine, and eating fruits and vegetables is more important now than ever before." Said Dr. White.

“Food is medicine, and eating fruits and vegetables is more important now than ever,” said Dr. White.

Health experts also told Fox News to follow a common healthy diet that includes a selection of nutrient-rich foods such as lean protein, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, pasta and cereals, and dairy products.

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Finally, it is also important to calculate your daily calorie intake and compare it to the number of calories a person burns during the day. If there is a deficit, a person loses weight, and if there is an excess, then see weight gain, experts told Fox News.


In modern technological times, the phone has many applications that allow you to calculate calorie intake during the day, nutritionists told Fox News.

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