PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – The Philadelphia District Attorney has reported the deadly police shooting of a 12-year-old boy last week.

Larry Krasner said Monday that the shooting is under, I quote, a “careful and thorough” investigation.

He said he expects developments in the case this week, and was in close contact with Police Commissioner Daniela Outlo.

Last Tuesday night an officer shot Thomas Siderio in the back after someone fired a bullet into a patrol car, smashing a window.

Two officers got out of the car and shot Siderio, who police said still had a gun.

Krasner said he watched the video from the footage on Monday, but said he could not disclose what he saw.

“I saw the video, and it would be very inappropriate in the middle of the investigation if there was an opportunity to interview witnesses so that I could talk at length about the evidence in this case,” Krasner said.

According to the results of the investigation, the defendants are on administrative duty.

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