BENSALEM TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) – A thief broke into locks in dozens of vaults in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, costing victims more than just money.

“This place is not safe enough to keep my things. I’m not happy,” said Kelly Brown, who is one of many victims.

Action News received a video of an observation in which a suspected man walks through an open gate at the Extra Space Storage on Bristol Pike in Bensalem.

“He spent eight hours there stealing goods,” said William McVeigh, director of public safety at the Bensalham City Police Department.

Brown said the man destroyed her unit.

“I can’t even come in here. I used to have a path to get in here, so they probably went back there and started throwing things everywhere,” she said.

Extra Space Storage reports Action News that 37 units were hacked on Wednesday night.

The property is guarded by a gate, a high fence topped with barbed wire and security cameras around the perimeter.

This one open gate was all it took for the suspect to load his basket and suitcase of stolen goods.

“They broke my lock. I have pieces of lock on the floor and another piece of lock inside. It’s just a messy job. It’s all just a mess,” Brown said.

Brown says she is more concerned with her sentimental value.

“I have my grandmother’s dining table. I also have her porcelain cabinet,” she said.

Extra Space Storage issued a statement saying: “There have been no regular, major hacks like this in this store. However, we will review our security measures and make improvements after that hack.”

Detectives hope someone recognizes the man on the video. If you know anything, contact the Bensalem City Police.

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