Today, the State Senate unanimously approved a resolution by Senate President Nicholas Scooty and Senator Fred Madden (Washington) urging Gov. Phil Murphy to “take all necessary steps” to close the unemployment gap and resume the personal discovery of One Stop Career Centers. have been closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

“It’s a mess, and it’s a disgrace,” Madden said of pandemic-era measures. “New Jersey needs to partner with people who are hurt … We need to fight this together. We must stand together and really move forward, and try to do everything possible to make responsible people, be it the executive branch or other people, open offices. ”

A number of Madden’s colleagues on both sides of the aisle took the opportunity to speak in the Senate hall in support of the resolution, which some said would hopefully help their fighters voters, while others said they would restore the legislature as an equal branch. government.

“Who in this administration knows how to run a government?” Asked State Senator Joe Pennakia (R-Montville). “Certainly not the Ministry of Labor … This is a vital issue, because we have all experienced this issue, we will continue to live this issue, and frankly, I do not hope that in two years this administration will do everything to solve their problem. “

Just minutes after the resolution was adopted, the Department of Labor and Labor Development announced that limited personal services at some career centers would resume starting March 28, but meetings would still be by appointment only.

“We have always been committed to serving the largest number of applicants in the shortest possible time, and there is no doubt that access to benefits online is the easiest, fastest and most effective for most applicants,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asara. -Angela. . “However, we recognize the desire of some applicants to communicate face to face, discussing the complexities of their unemployment claims.”

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